Wall of Shame

Second Amendment Wall of Shame!

These political “leaders”, many Democrats and even Republicans, have sold out Massachusetts Gun Owners on multiple occasions such as the 2014 Omnibus Gun Violence Bill, the 2017 Bump Stock Ban, and the 2018 ERPO Extreme Risk Protective Order. Click on those links for actual roll call votes, and see if your state legislator deserves your support or wrath!

So who are these shameful clowns?

Maura Healey (MA Attorney General “The People’s Lawyer”)
  1. Reinterpreted long standing law to ban commonly used sporting firearms
James J. Lyons Jr (“Leader” of the Party of “Freedom”)
  1. Claims to be from the party of Freedom and Liberty — Votes for anti-Liberty laws
  2. Endorsed Anti-Gun Charlie Baker for Governor over Pro-Gun Challenger
  3. Voted for Bump Stock Ban
  4. Voted for ERPO (Red Flag Laws)
  5. Solicits Donations from MA Gun Owners
  6. MA State Rep. 18th Essex January 2011 – January 2019
Charles D. Baker IV (“Republican” Governor of Massachusetts)


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