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Invest in yourself. See our course lineup with our training affiliate, Continental Firearms.

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MAGR is 100% Volunteers and all donations go directly into the fight.


Want The Same Peace Of Mind Enjoyed By Over 300,000 Responsibly Armed Americans?

    Our training partner, Continental Firearms offers a wide range of firearms training and generous discounts to MAGR members.
    Massachusetts Gun Rights has partnered with USCCA to offer concealed carry protection. Want the same piece of mind enloyed by over 300,000 armed Americans? Join USCCA NOW!

About MAGR

Massachusetts Gun Rights (MAGR), will lead the charge to recruit, educate, train, organize, and mobilize gun rights activists in order to restore our freedoms and halt the radical anti-gun agenda in Massachusetts. Accepting no compromise on the issue of gun control, MAGR will work tirelessly to hold politicians accountable for their anti-gun view and we intend to make great strides in protecting and preserving the Second Amendment. Our effectiveness in the battle against the gun grabbers will depend entirely on the support of gun rights supporters like you.


Mass Gun Rights is proud to offer several instructional courses for individuals of all skill levels through our training partner, Continental Firearms. Click on the class name below for additional information, price, and schedule. Dates and times are subject to change.

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