Powering the next
evolution of MSK care

A new standard of care

IncludeHealth MSK-OS™

A breakthrough musculoskeletal operating system (MSK-OS) empowering healthcare providers to deliver a seamless blend of onsite and remote MSK care.

While other platforms seek to disrupt health systems, the MSK-OS™ empowers providers to deliver the best care—whenever and wherever your patients need it.

How it works

Virtual PT powered by providers

Deliver convenient, affordable, and clinically measurable PT program on any device, at any location, at any time. No additional hardware or software required.


Providers quickly build personalized MSK care plans on our HIPAA compliant cloud


Patients get immediate access to perform onsite or remote PT on their own devices


Latest body-tracking tech delivers rapid, accurate measurement of patient compliance, progress and outcomes


Providers analyze patient data and customize care plans to optimize clinical outcomes over time

Expansion, not disruption

Seamless blend of onsite & remote delivery

Meet rising demand for virtual PT without sacrificing the patient-provider relationship. The MSK-OS™ is built specifically to enable providers and payers to support patients with seamless virtual and onsite touchpoints throughout their entire care journey.

Affordable virtual care

For all generations

As costs for musculoskeletal health conditions continue to rise, the MSK-OS™ powers the next generation of affordable, integrated care for MSK patients. Help patients navigate a cohesive experience of virtual and onsite care through every step of their journey—without over-burdening the health system.

Provider-led, AI-powered

Personalized pathways

A state-of-the-art platform powered by AI technologies that streamline providers’ creation of personalized MSK treatment pathways for patients. Providers build customized plans and analyze progress with the most advanced body-tracking available to date, and adjust plans based on intelligent data reports and patient performance.

Frictionless delivery

Measured care on any device

The most rapid, accurate body-tracking technology available today helps providers deliver digital care with confidence. Patients get real-time feedback on their movements—powering a more engaged experience and faster recovery. Compatible with phones, tablets, and computers.

Expansive library

Multi-joint support

The MSK-OS™ can measure 16 joints in real-time and features an engaging suite of professionally animated physical therapy movements and exercises that providers organize into personalized treatment plans.

Our platform

Foundational pillars

Our high-access, low-cost MSK operating system enables onsite and remote delivery of personalized, measured care that adheres to our founding design principles at IncludeHealth:


Compatible with any device at any location so patients experience seamless care and build deeper relationships with providers


Real-time clinical guidance powered by proprietary AI algorithms to help providers create personalized care plans


Objectively quantify and qualify MSK outcomes with the world’s most advanced body-tracking technology


Connect with EMRs, platforms, and other devices to deliver integrated, provider-led care onsite, at home, or wherever patients go

Partners and Accolades

Collaboration is key

Technology driven. Clinically validated. Internationally awarded. We have collaborated with world-leading health systems, payers and technology companies to deliver the next evolution of digital care. The MSK-OSTM platform combines advanced body-tracking technology with proprietary clinical intelligence to empower providers and payers to deliver end-to-end integrated care.

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